Hello, I'm Jasper A. Rose, and I'm playing the part of Emma Brown.
Hello, I'm Emma Brown.
I'm an actress, and I'm twelve. Being an actress is hard, especially when you are twelve! For instance, child labour laws forbid me to work more than four hours a day, plus I have to do school for three hours a day. That's seven hours there, and if I'm asleep eight and a half hours per day, that's fifteen and a half hours right there, which is more than half the day.
Anyway, I'll take you through my room.
Over the summer I work modeling at American Girl, as I am originally American, even if I usually live overseas at a boarding school.
The poser that says White Star Line Boarding Pass Titanic is actually a movie poster for Boarding Pass to the Titanic, a movie I starred in! I also have the DVD for that. More about that later!
Anyway, I have all the covers for the magazines, and I signed the ones that I modeled. 
On my bedside table, I have a vase, flowers, (all the time! It cheers up the room, usually courtesy of my family, friends, and fans), movie tickets, a gift card, and my phone.
I have this big American Girl doll bag, and in it I store my passport, my script, my treasure box (where I keep stuff that's important to me), and my DVD, Boarding Pass to the Titanic.
A professional photographer took this picture of me and my friends, which is so cool! But not surprising, actually.
Under that poster I keep my bed, and even though it looks hard, it is really soft. I have my looooooonnnnngggg pillow, my normal pillow, my blanket, my stuffed bunny, Lulu, my computer, and two magazines, plus my slipper boots.
Here is the other wall on the other side of my room. I have different pictures of friends, and outfits. The main girl in the blue shirt and silver skirt is Tiff, also known as Tiffany.
Then the girl at the top right side in the furry blue coat is Maddie, AKA Madison. THe girl in pink in the lower middle is Ella. 
Lulu again. Isn't she so cute?
A close up of my boots.
Ta da!!
Okay, so today, I, Kirstin, will will be telling you what school at Queen Elizabeth Academy is like. Hip, hip hooray. :)
First of all, we have to fold our pajamas and make our beds. 
Next, we have to get our bags ready and packed.
With our bags over our shoulders, it's off to lessons we go!
Today, I have maths, english, history, and geography, which is more like literature, since we just learn about one place and read a book set there. Odd, isn't it?
Anyway, for Maths, I take a special advanced math course, so today I was learning about the whole algebra system. I have to do a workbook page for that. 
Next, for English, we are reading Pilgrim's Progress, and we have to read twenty pages out of that.
For History, we have to read four chapters out of Our Island Story.
For Geography, we have to read three chapters out of Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates. Oh, I must be off! It's time for tea!
I just saw Clair's agandmestudios pretend "Girl of the year" video,  and I knew I wanted to do that! So, with Kirstin as the "new" Girl of the Year, we can get started! Notice: I only have pictures, but oh, well.

Her story:
Kirstin is a girl who goes to a boarding school overseas in England.
Queen Elizabeth Academy.
In the first book, she is just so homesick, what with this being the first year she's away from home. She does get friends eventually, joins the choir, and learns how to miss home while loving being where she was.
In the second book, for a volunteer project, she helps out at a hospital, in a cancer wing. She tries to help all she can, but one person isn't enough. She has to conquer her fear of speaking in public when she makes a speech to try to convince others to help out.
If I were going to do this, I would have all proceeds go to cancer research. Heaven knows they need it.
"Sometimes you just need to buck up and change the world, Kirstin." (housemother, Mrs. McGregor)
Her accessories would be:
Her reading glasses, a notebook, a pen, her phone to call home with, her computer, her bag, and her raincoat.
Her pajamas would include:
A long sleeve violet tee, with a halter tank top, and casual lace edged capris. 
Robe and slippers:
A plain white robe and red sash, pink slippers.
Her school uniform:
T-strap shoes, plain dress, white tights, blue blazer, blue tie, plain hairband.
Casual outfit for going out and changing the world, as Mrs. McGregor, her housemother, would say: 
Plain ponytail, glasses, blue long-sleeve shirt layered with Stand Tall tee, purple capri jeans and brown faux leather cowboy boots.
Room furniture:
Posters on the walls, patch pocket jean pillow, plain wooden frame bed (not shown) with white mattress and white sheets with light blue blanket (most not shown), night stand (not shown, well, besides the red thingie,) nightstand accessories (still working on it).
Fancy outfit:
Ruffled red dress, with tights, shoes, and tie/ribbon from school outfit.
Going away outfit: 
This is not shown:
Skinny jeans that are tucked into light blue boots, a knitted beret, a white tee shirt, and a blue jacket. Also included is a suitcase and passport.




I actually managed to get some time on my hands this afternoon! So, I decided, if I had room in my dorm, I would make dorms for each doll! They are small, because, honestly, you don't have much space when you are sharing with three or four other girls!

Kit's dorm:
Even if your dorm is scarce in furniture, you can have tons of posters! Thank goodness...

Sierra Jade's Dorm:
Sierra, who is often called Dakota, loves rainbows and animals. She has two pet kittens and a pet bunny, that really belong to the school, but she takes care of them. Oh, yeah... she's the only student. Rats...

Jasper's Dorm
Jasper loves pink, and fashion, and dislikes her school hat.

Felicity's dorm:
Sorry, Felicity had skating practice right before this, and was really tired. She also takes ballet, soccer, and skateboards. She loves rubber duckies, and love sports... and, no offense, but loves being slightly messy.

Kristin's Dorm:
I know, I know, her dorm is bigger.
Anyway, Kirstin loves being neat, reading, and always does her homework on time. Naturally, she drives the others nuts. ("Hey!")

Oh, and a futile attempt at a common room. Sorry, I had no chairs!
The bags are piled in the corner, and the big box is the dresser, but there is the making of tea time!
Alas, the new year has come again.
That means going back to boarding school, but it also means new posts! I have a tendency not to post during break. And for that, I am dearly sorry!
But now I've gone back, and so you will be hearing more of me. 
I thought it appropriate to start off going back with a craze of Boarding School! Okay, so craze might be a bit too much... Okay! A LOT too much. If you think school is hard, try going to boarding school! But it is also super fun! So, let's begin.

I've named each academy after a famous person. Hope you enjoy!
Note: Any similarity between the names any any real boarding school is entirely unplanned.

Uniform for Wordsworth Academy:

1 boater hat
2 regulation cardigan
3 regulation blouses
3 regulation navy skirts
1 pair regulation boots
All students must have hair pulled back for lessons.

Uniform for Churchill Boarding School:

1 rain hat
1 rain coat
3 plaid regulation dresses
3 regulation leggings
1 pair regulation boots

Uniform for Emily Dickinson Academy:
3 regulation overdresses
3 regulation underdresses
1 pair regulation boots
All pupils must have their hair pulled away from their face during lessons.

Uniform for Queen Victoria Boarding School:

3 regulation blouses
3 regulation jumpers
1 regulation belt
6 pairs regulation socks
1 pair regulation shoes

Now, my personal favorite (mainly because it reflects mine):
Uniform for Queen Elizabeth Academy:

3 regulation blazers
3 regulation dresses
6 pairs regulation tights
1 regulation necktie
1 pair regulation shoes
All students must have hair pulled away from face during school hours.
I know I haven't been posting as much, but... I will! Right now I'm working to a very hard post. 
Can't tell you.
So just wait....
Some more.
Just a bit longer.
I promise!
Here we are, at the third part of the Fashion show entitled Simplicity.
Inside this fashion show, we are doing TWO outfits in ONE part! Sweet, right? So, as we have a lot to cover, let's get started.
The mini-series is entitled Tea Time!
Can you guess which one just came from the mall, and which one just came from an extra credit class?
Modeled by Jasper and Sierra
To make a quick table, stack some books on top of each other, then put a cloth over it.
Modeled by Jasper
Hair: Two strands of hair on either side of the face are twisted back to make an elegant, simple style that has a convenient (hem hem) twist to it.
Necklace: I used a necklace that I got from my aunt and uncle for Christmas, but you could use any purple necklace. It adds a the sophistication of the whole outfit.
Shirt: The casualness in this outfit is perfect for going to the mall and hanging out, yet the color and the style makes it a sure choice for some cozy, comfortable grace, comes with the My American Girl.
Bag: This silver stylish bag is large enough to store all your items, but not so that it's bulky, I actually got this from a Build-A-Bear workshop, but it can be substituted for any silver bag. The glittery refinement of this bag makes it classy, not trashy.
Skirt: The rich blue conveys the whole outfit along so well, plus it gives the outfit a feminine touch, I got this with a set no longer sold, but it can be substituted for Molly's skirt.
Leggings: The purple in these leggings shows the panache of this outfit well, I got it in the Striped School Dress. These leggings make this outfit perfect for spiring, both in the light color, and in the aspect that it remains warm while staying prim and stylish.
Shoes: These ruffled purple flats both complement the outfit, and still stand out, they come with the Striped School Dress. These shoes convey a flair for poise, yet not at the price of uncomfortable feet.
Notice how each and every part of the outfit compliment each other. The purple with the silver, the blue with the silver, the purple with the blue.
The ruffles on the shoes seal the deal on the whole outfit. The color the style, everything matches!
Modeled by Sierra
Hair: The simplicity in the hair is key. This gal put on what was in her closet, ran a brush through her hair, and walked out. Just brush it lightly, then don't do anything. You will get way better results this way!
Scarf: This blue scarf adds the slight decadence which makes this outfit have a bit of style in the casual approach. Simply braid some yarn, tie it off, and you have a scarf! Tie it slightly to the side, to make it more balanced.
Shirt: This pale-sky colored shirt adds a warm, friendly feel to the outfit, and sticks like glue to the theme. Comes with the Pretty & Plaid Dress.
Bag: This messenger bag holds all of this student's books, but also whatever else she needs to carry, wherever she needs to carry it. Comes with Lainie's Accessories, sadly not sold anymore.
Skirt: This denim skirt is short and sweet, and totally laid back. I made it myself, but all you have to do is sew a clasp on a strip of denim that fits around your doll's waist. It adds a touch of modern and femininity to the otherwise-boyish attitude of this outfit. 
Leggings: These denim-like leggings are perfect to go sauntering around town in, or just to lie back at home and do homework! They come with the Cozy Sweater Outfit.
Boots: These blue and green boots basically sum up this outfit in one item. This is something that could be used in all weather, all conditions, and everywhere. Basically the thing and on-the-go girl needs. It is sold with the Raincoat & Boots Set. This adds a fresh outlook to that stormy sea of shopping for shoes. (Yikes, this commentary is just too fun!)
The hair in this is key. DO NOT MESS WITH IT! Just leave it and be.
The flow in this outfit is like milk and honey. Sweet, and glides down your throat. 
Both of these outfits are nonchalant, but have you guessed the question about where these girls were or are going?
The bags are a key part of both of these outfits, and one of them is flashy and shiny and drawing attention to itself, while the other is just a normal bag, with nothing glittery about it (besides the zipper).
The scarf here is very versatile. You can use it as a scarf, a fashion statement, or a necktie in a school uniform. 
Notice that the colors complement each other completely, and tie in all the way, not leaving any loose.
The buckles on the boots add a timeless edition to these boots, and the outfit.
I personally don't think this outfit would be half as nice without the flats. 
I love these what's in the bag..
For the silver purse, it's nice and neat. A smaller purse, a bunch of flowers, a phone, and a magazine.
Inside the smaller purse, this gal's got class. Three movie tickets (one buys popcorn), a gift card, and money. Nothing more than needed.
Inside The GREEN bag, there is a laptop (this was also included in Lainie's Accessories), a pen, a hair clip (in case her hair got in the way while listening to a lecture), some money, a library card, a letter, and a notebook. Cluttered, but nice.
Here we are! Second part of the American Girl Fashion show! Today we have skating outfits! At least, when you just go to the rink for fun... One of my favorite sections, as I myself do skating.
The title of this piece is Truly.
Modeled by Jasper
Hair and Hat: Classic nonchalant braid, tied with a hair tie. Is fantastic with or without the quintessential lilac beret, comes with the Pretty & Plaid Dress. A simple, yet elegant way to style your hair.
Dress: A long sleeve, yet short rich pink and blue/purple dress to allow freedom of movement on the ice, comes with Striped School Dress. The knitted collar adds a casual touch.
Tights: Clean white professional tights both keep you warm, and provide the distinction of skating, comes with Rebecca's School Outfit. Tights are a need to every closet, as they can be so versatile, modern, yet classic, all at the same time.
Boots: These beige faux leather tall boots add a winter-sports feel to the entire outfit, topping it off, yet keeping to the theme, comes with the Pretty & Plaid Dress. 
Ice Skates: How could you have a movie without the star of the show? Same way with skating. You can use any skates, including Molly's skate, Fancy Skates, and any other. If your skates don't have laces, simply use a bit of yarn or string to lightly tie them together, then toss them over a shoulder. Your own pair of skates separates those who know how to skate from those who skate. No offense to anyone over this. 
Notice how the braid gives this outfit new zeal. 
Observe how without the skates, this outfit could be anything, but with, it makes people say, 'Hey, there goes a skater!' And that commands some respect.
These boots are amazing in two ways: one, they are a casual fix to the outfit, and two, they remind one (well, at least me!) of winter, and that reminds me of skating.
Sagie here! So, to start off this fun-filled fashion show, I'm going to start with school cloths.
Please, do not groan and tear your cloths and put on sackcloths and wallow in mud and ashes and be in mourning. This is going to be fun! TRUST ME. The title of the collection is Simplicity.
This outfit is entitled Timeless.
Modeled by Jasper
Hair: Neatly brushed, but with nothing special done to it. Clipped back on one side with a bobby pin. Old-Fashioned, yet refreshing. 
Shirt: Shirt and sweater collection, Kit outfit (comes with Kit). Buttoned only at the top. Antique rose color gives it a fall enthusiasm. 
Skirt: Wool navy blue skirt, high waistline (a bit higher than waist), included in a fall set no longer sold. However, can be substituted for Molly's skirt. Simple, but unconditionally coordinated. 
Tights: Crisp white wool tights, included in Rebecca's School Outfit. A fashionable way to keep the autumn chill off.
Boots: Nutty brown faux leather cowboy boots, included in Julie's Casual Outfit. Seals the outfit perfectly, with a slight add of decadence, but keeping to the simple theme.
Bag: A metallic grey "brand name" oversized clutch, originally a lipstick case from my mother or grandmother. Who knew?! Adds a sophistication that tops this outfit off.
Notice how the colors complement each other, and how only buttoning the top button on the cardigan (sweater) adds a casual touch.
The leggings are like a bridge from the 1940s children's style to modern day sports and recreation wear.
The hair is key, but it is not something you should slave hours over in the mirror. Or your doll, either. Simply brush it, then pin it. Simple and easy.
The contents inside the clutch are as neat as the outfit. A smaller purse, a magazine/book, a notebook, and a bouquet of flowers for luck.
The contents of the purse are simple, yet have a modern feel. Some coins, a library card, gift card, letter, key, movie tickets, and a pen.